20 February 2012

Basic themes for Educational Programs in American Higher Education system

The following themes are designed to foster more adequate global perspective of the future citizens of the United States:

The physical system

It relates to the shape of land masses and their movement, the indications of instability such as volcanoes, the circulation of air and water around the world, the origin and diversity of climates, and other features, such as geopolitical importance of resources, strategic placement, and proximity to hostile powers.

The biological system

It refers to the aggregate of all living things on earth and their habitats, ecosystems, and relationships, including particularly the human species.

The economic system

It is part of a larger social system that deals with the world of work, with the processes of production, with exchange, and with consumption.

The political system

concepts of states, sovereignty, legitimacy, leadership, power, and authority, and how decisions are made in different kinds of political regimes, such as totalitarian, authoritarian, and democratic. Governments are, of course, a basic part of the political system, but as Boulding notes, "All human organizations have a political aspect to them - even the family."

The communication and evaluative system

It refers to language and other forms of communication, such as the arts, including information and problems around the world. There is a worldwide flow of information that does not obey the economic rules of scarcity, secrecy, ownership, or monopoly; rather, it is based upon sharing. The communication revolution has contributed largely to the new interconnectedness of our world. The United States is now the main center of the worldwide system of knowledge production and information exchange. With information goes evaluation, and this requires some understanding of how people in different nations and from different cultures evaluate the information they receive and form opinions.

This article is cited from:
Kerr, CLARK, Marian L. GADE, Maureen KAWAOKA. 1994. Higher education cannot secape history: issues for the twenty-first century. "Global Perspective of Education" (p.32-33). SUNY Press: United States.
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