21 January 2012

Europe XI, Team of the 1st Half of 2011-12 Season


Starting the season with embarassing 8 goal-gunning only to make the Gunners crashed at the Old Trafford, the young Pole showed his mentality strength in the rest of the Arsenal's matches in the new season's first half. He saved many shots and this progressive performance may secure him as the Poland's no.1 at the Euro 2012.


A non-compromising stopper in at the center of La Vecchia Signora defense. He must be given credit for helping Juventus lead the league before the Winter break. Originally played as a full-back, he designated himself as promising successors in Gli Azzurri squads.


The Frenchman has been consistent. His leadership at the back line of Manchester United is very prominent. Evra has given his best in 2011 for the Red Devils by doing as good as Zanetti, Gerets, or Maldini did.


So far the Belgian internationals manages to guarantee the security of the Manchester City's positive run in the current EPL season. This big guy is very strong and committed, and Manchini has done the right thing to choose him as the Citizens skipper.


You could have placed him as either stopper or sweeper, but Puyol can also play anywhere at the defense. He always be a hardworker in order to be "eternal" in the middle of young guns spoiling Barcelona these recent years.


Keita's absence often gave Barcelona misery. He is another world of the Catalonia stellars and losing him will cost a lot. He is the right man to keep Barca's victory.


Master of midfield play today, both for Barcelona and Spain. Xavi's magical touch and vision proves him the best playmaker in Europe, if in the world seems overacting. His decent passing is awesome and the team still needs him for somewhat five years.


Silva is a forgotten rhyme of the Spain's grammy-class song. It is due to plenty of choices that has put him aside. The former Valencia man has found himself very important for Manchester City and can be the EPL's best foreign player of the season.


Parker is probably one of the best new signings among the clubs competing at the English Premiership. His role for Tottenham Hotspur is prominent, capable of anchoring the play between defense and offense, something that is need for England next Summer in Poland and Ukraine.


Messi is indispensably the best attacking player in the world today. This guy is wonderful as if nobody could stop him from scoring and/or assisting. While not having won the international titles in the senior level makes him smaller than Diego Maradona, in the modern football style today Messi has left Maradona far behind, outside and inside the pitch.


RVP is now the most outstanding hitman of the English Premier League.The mid-season has proven him growing up stronger, leaving his old times, when injury was likely his best friend.

Then, what about your own Europe XI, guys?
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