17 January 2012

Kingdom of Banten Girang

You must quickly now where Kingdom Banten Girang was situated. The Kingdom was nowhere but in the present day Banten Province.

Banten Girang was the predecessor of the eventually Kingdom Banten. It was located in a village namely Sempu, a place 10-km away from Serang. Sempu is included in the southern territory of the province. The kingdom existed between 932 and 1032 AD. The reign of the Kingdom Banten Girang is evidenced by Caringin statue, which was found in Mount Pulosari Cipanas and is now stored at Museum Nasional Indonesia Jakarta.

Kingdom Banten Girang closely related to the struggle of Sunan Gunungjati of the Islamic Kingdom Demak. He was the missionary of Islam conversion who visited Banten with his son, Hasanuddin, who eventually became the Sultan of Banten.

Banten Girang officially gave in the reign to Demak in 1526. Following this change of ruling power, Hasanuddin moved the center of government from Sempu to Banten Harbor. Since then the kingdom's name had been shortened, Kingdom Banten.
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