27 January 2012

Thank God It's Friday

In my neighborhood Friday is often called 'the short day', especially for muslims, because they have to prepare Shalat Jum'at. This prayer is done exactly at noon. From Sunday to Thursday, and also on Saturday muslims do Shalat Dzuhur with four raka'at, while on Friday they do Shalat Jum'at with two raka'at. Eventhough Shalat Jum'at has less rakaat than Shalat Dzuhur, but normally it takes longer time because it is preceded by a speech.

'The short day', as people often call Friday, actually does not meet my own opinion. Friday has the same time length with the other days. They call it so, maybe, due to the longer time they must spend for the prayer so that they will have less working hours.

Why are you in a rush in doing the prayer in favor of your working hours? It is here where your controversy of the Friday's existence is rooted. You probably will not say it shorter than the other days if you treat everyday equally. By treating all of them equally special you will not find it hard to make your living on Friday. Because of you need plenty of times to do the daily activities praying becomes somewhat a different thing on Friday.

Well, some say that Shalat Jum'at is special because it will be similar to doing Haji for the poors who can not afford going pilgrimate to Mekkah (Mecca). But you should not have made it as a reason for making the Friday 'the short day'.

....T. G. I. F. .... :)

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