16 August 2011

Determining 'Fixed' Colors for Indonesian Flag

A unique thing has been lingering in minds about an idea of determining  RGB (red-green-blue) and CMYK (cyan-magenta-yellow-black) models for Indonesian flag colors. So far most Indonesian people only know that the country has national colors of RED and WHITE, illustrated in the national RED and WHITE, with the former is placed above the latter.

Although RGB and CMYK color models are probably simply determinants of a color in numbers, fixed colors may be important to show national uniqueness. It would be an interesting idea to seize debates on RED and WHITE used by Indonesia and those used by other countries whose the flag contains these colors.

An interesting fact occurred in the European Football Championships (Euro) 2004, when Latvian team protested against the mistaken RED color for their home team jersey. For a flag becomes part of nation's pride and symbol, it should be aware of putting the color models into the national agenda.

Happy Independence Republic of Indonesia.... Dirgahayu!
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