27 February 2011

Maldives National University to be Inaugurated

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Maldives, a country well known by the tourists as the island of heaven, has announced its first ever national scale university in the country's education history. It is the new era for the Maldives' higher education chapter. It is Maldives College of Higher Education, which evolves itself as the Maldives National University. The first official operation of the MNU will be occupied by 4,853 full-time students, enrolling not less than one-year study term, and 7,000 part-time students.

The official inauguration of the Maldives National University was held at Dharubaaruge Exhibition and Conference Hall, Male. The university was officially proclaimed by the President of Maldives, Mohamed Nasheed. He also appointed ex Minister of Education, Dr. Musthafa Luthfee, as the university's Canchellor.

The decision of the status promotion from MCHE to MNU was stipulated in the Maldives National University Act No. 3 of 2011. In an interview session with the University World News, Vice-Rector of the MCHE, Hussain Haleem, stated that the grand design of the MNU had been constructed since 1998. They held series of training, involving research institutes in collaboration with governmental bodies to rationalize resources and quality. Among the bodies, there were Alled Health Services Training Center and Institute for Teacher Education.

To add his explanation, Haleem also pointed out as follows:

"Government has allocated us a special budget to gear MCHE for its upgrade as a national university. However, the government can incorporate other institutions such as the Marine Research Centre and Environmental Research Centre."

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