14 March 2011

Pray for Japan : "Be strong!!"

Japan shocked the world by a massive disaster caused by tsunami. This kind of natural disaster is truly mean, massive, and destructive. Thousands of Japaneses lost their lives as the natural phenomenon, typically derived from the sea, hit this Eastern Asian country on March 11th, 2011. The world mourns again just like being shown in Haiti and Indonesia. The term "tsunami" itself is definitely derived from the Japanese, meaning "harbor wave" ("Tsunami Terminology", NOAA). It is a catalysm resulting from a destructive sea wave caused by an earthquake or volcanic eruption (

Although history records hat tsunami occurred in Santorini, Greece, ca. 1600 BC, Japan, where the terminology is derived, is more common with this kind of disaster. Tsunami has struck Japan many times. Below are the list of notable tsunami disasters through the history of Japan.

Year : Location
684 : Hakuho (8.4 on Richter's scale)
869 : Sendai (1,000 deaths)
887 : Ninna Nankai
1293 : Kamakura (7.1 on Richter's scale; 23,000 deaths)
1361 : Shohei Nankai (8.4 on Richter's scale; 660 deaths)
1498 : Meio Nankai (7.5 on Richter's scale; 40,000 deaths)
1605 : Keicho Nankaido (8.1 on Richter's scale)
1698 : Seikaido-Nankaido
1707 : Hoei (8.4 on Richter's scale; 29,000 deaths)
1741 : W. Hokkaido (1,467 deaths)
1771 : Yaeyama Islands, Okinawa (7.4 on Richter's scale; 12,000 deaths)
1854 : Nankai, Tokai, and Kyushu (7.4-8,4 on Richter's scale; 100,000 deaths)
1855 : Edo (10,000 deaths)
1896 : Meiji Sanriku (27,000 deaths)
1923 : Kanto (100,000 deaths)
1933 : Showa Sanriku (3,000 deaths)
1944 : Tonankai (1,223 deaths)
1946 : Nankaido (8.4 on Richter's scale; 1,500 deaths)
1964 : Niigata (28 deaths)
1983 : Japan Sea (7.7 on Richter's scale)
1993 : Okushiri, Hokkaido (7.8 on Richter's scale)
2007 : Niigata (6.8 on Richter's scale)
2011 : Pacific Coast of Japan (9.0 on Richter's scale; 20,000 deaths (estimated, under investigation))

The latest news noticed that worry even grows bigger as the side-impact of the current tsunami is terrifying. A nuclear reactor blast has caused problems for the environment as well as for humans.  But all Japanese people must not lose their strengths because this disaster has been common to them. May they be relieved soon. It is the only thing we can contribute when Mother Nature shows her anger.

Video credit: YouTube | videolibraryguy

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Tiyo Widodo said...

Should there by any mistake in the number of death tolls and/or the earthquake magnitudes, I apologize. This data are subject to revision, if necessary. Thanks. Pray for Japan.

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