27 March 2011

The 1st International Worldviews Conference on Media and Higher Education

Canada is going to place itself into a vital hallmark as the country will host the first ever conference on media and higher education. The 1st International Worldviews Conference on Media and Higher Education, scheduled for June 2011, will propose important themes the relationships between the media and the higher education development nowadays. Issues supposed to be presented in this conference include the followings: 1) how media coverage of higher education has changed over the past two decades; 2) the impact of social media and how it is changing what is covered and how higher education is understood; 3) the role the media play in influencing public polic debates on public education; 5) how higher education engages with the media to inform public opinion; and 6) the different realities of the developing and developed worlds. The major theme of this conference is "Worldviews: Media Coverage of Higher Education in the 21st Century." The event is taking place at the University of Toronto, including the Campbell Conference Facility at the Munk School for Global Affairs, the MaRS Discovery District and the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. In addition, Ryerson University and TIFF Bell Lightbox are also featuring several sessions of the conference.
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The purpose of the above-mentioned issues discussion will be examined in a format designed to maximize participation and discussion that will feature: cafe discussions and salons, interviews with leading thinkers, readings and workshops, in addition to keynote addresses and panel debates; the opportunity for audience members to become speakers and debaters; and open programming reserved to respond to specific ideas that emerge from the conference itself.

Many leading experts are going to be involved as the key speakers, including Philip G. Altbach (Director of Center for International Higher Education, Boston College), William H. Ayers (Formerly Distinguished Professor of Education and Senior University Scholar, University of Illinois at Chicago), Phil Baty (Deputy Editor of Times Higher Education), Simon Beck (Manager of Custom Content Group, The Globe and Mail), Agneta Bladh (Former Rector of theUniversity of Kalmar), Nicole Blanchett Neheli (Co-ordinator of the Journalism Broadcast Program, Sheridan University of Technology), Tony Burman (Head of Strategy of The Americas, Al Jazeera), Ying Cheng (Executive Director of the Center for World-Class Universities Graduate School), Mary Churchil (Research Fellow of the Middle East Center at Northeastern University), Jean Desormeaux (Program Co-ordinator of the Advanced Television and Film Program, Sheridan College), Daniel de Vise (Reporter of the Higher Education, Washington Post), Jefrey Dvorkin (Executive Director of the Organization of News Ombudsmen), Georges Fallis (Professor of Economics and Social Sciences, York University), Jean-Marc Fleury (Executive Director of World Federation of Science Journalists, Universite Laval), Shari Graydon (Media educator, author, journalist, critic),  John Helliker (Director of the Screen Industries Research and Training Center (SIRT)), Alfred Hermida (Associate Professor of the Graduate School of Journalism at the University of British Columbia), Hanson Hosein (Director of the Master of Communication in Digital Media, University of Washington), Stella Hughes (Senior Information Officer, UNESCO), Scott Jaschik (Editor of Inside Higher Ed). In total, more than 40 speakers will feature in the three-day world level conference (16-18 June 2011).


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Tiyo Widodo said...

Media as the agent of change play a vital role to enhance education status of communities, both in developing and developed worlds. The change in view, from the exclusive address to the the needs for pursuing higher education is necessary. In particular to the developing and under-developed countries, higher education still becomes something hardly achieved. This conference is important to submit the worldviews and the media's roles in socializing the development of the higher education. I am supposed to support this event.

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