14 February 2011

Valentine In My Humble Opinion

To some people, Valentine Day celebration belongs to those who have spouse in a romantic relationship. To some other, it is a particular day of particular group of people so others are not eligible -- to be precisely, either not allowed or are not worthy of -- celebrating the day.  Whatever people respond to the Valentine Day, I am not going to discuss it any futher because I think it wasting time.

I have read and learned the history of the day. It was St. Valentine who inspired the people to celebrate. On February 14th, St. Valentine, a preacher in Roman Imperial era, was subject to death sentence. The reason was his act, which was deemed guilty by the government, to allow marriage. The Roman leaders did not want marriage, or any love relationship. They wanted all men who lived in the Empire to join  the army for the glory of the empire.

According to the journey St. Valentine has had, It is his love that one must have an in-depth analysis. Celebrating Valentine Day, notwithstanding religion-based refusals, is a ritual, which one must understand completely. I have no fear of accepting the Valentine Day's presence. It is the day when love must flourish and blossom. The love having many dimensions, not only one belonging to pairs in a romantic relationship. Even when you are alone, you still be able to celebrate. Love shown by St. Valentine is the love for everything and everyone. After his sacrifice, one should note that love may cease fire, be a peace-maker. It is not the love you may see from your narrow thinking.

The day reminds us how precious love his. You must have love in your own opinion. Love to parents, country, pets, friends, anything that makes you taking for granted. You must give it at no expense. It is the true Valentine Day stands for. Love has been rarely found in today's materialistic world. Killing one another keeps covering the headline news almost everyday. So, where is the love? It is in your heart. Let us forget about whether the Valentine Day, from the religion viewpoints (if any), is eligible. It is only a reminder that human should be the truly he or she is. The love illustrates by the celebration shows the way to the grace, dignity, and purity as human being.

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baili said...

agree love can not be bind to some chosen relationships ,love is means having beautiful feelings for each single part of this universe and for its creator ,it means living truly .

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