14 February 2011

Pleburan: the Semarang metropole's other side

Social gathering at "Warung Kucingan" Pleburan (photo: Iwan Laksana)

Pleburan, one of sub-district region in Semarang Municipality, is an area where many activities take place. Pleburan is where Diponegoro University is situated for generations. It is also just a throw of a stone to business centers, close to governmental offices. However, Pleburan remains resistant to modern lifestyle. Well, at least, its endurance is quite strong compared with other places in a big city like Semarang. This urban area is quite calm. Ancestral traditions are still preserved, as you may find traditional rituals such as weekly meeting of neighborhood or social gathering.

Pleburan, unlike places where multiple activities and heterogenous people collide, can be said having reluctant development. It is part of an urban area, but the people show rural lifestyle. It is likely that influences brought in by visitors are not significantly effective. You will find freedom to act there, nice and welcoming people, and security. You will have a great companionship with the native inhabitants once you have owned their hearts.

(photo: tiyo widodo)
As the headquarters of academic life, Pleburan is dominated by academic activities. Notwithstanding the relocation of Diponegoro University to Tembalang, Pleburan still have a significant impact. In my opinion, it is difficult to change the way of thinking of Pleburan people simply due to the campus relocation.

Nice people, good atmosphere, and secured environment are big deal components the Pleburan people must preserve. I have been fifteen years there and to broader extent no serious troubles I have found. In addition, this place has ease of access to many aspects of life, such as education, health, transportation, and business.

As long as you are nice people, Pleburan will welcome you wholeheartedly.

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