8 December 2010

2010 AFF Suzuki Cup - Review 1

Promising momentum for Indonesia football national team

In South East Asia, football has been long dominated by Thailand. The "White Elephants" army is, indisputedly, the strongest and the most consistent sides in the region as they have had great reputes regionally or internationally. The Thais, three times regional champions (formerly Tiger Cup, now AFF Cup) have almost been the most favorite team in every international tournaments held for the SEA football competition.

This year can be a disappointing closing for Thailand because they had to give in the AFF Cup earlier. The former England's captain's boys did not manage any single victory in the group staged held in Jakarta. Two draws and one defeat showed how disappointing performance they had in the current edition.

Conversely, the superiority over Thailand for Indonesia is a great momentum towards better luck. For almost two decades Merah Putih army have been shadowed by the greatness of Thailand. Just remember that the development of Vietnam football began with a surprise win against Indonesia, somewhat decade ago. Since then, Vietnam has been developing their football life very nicely and emphatically. Even, they became the champions of the previous AFF Cup, when Le Chong Vinh and Co. showed patriotic, enthusiastic, and all out performance before their audience at My Dinh stadium, Hanoi. It is the momentum which Indonesia need to wake up from the ruin. Past times shows that Indonesia was one of big countries in Asian football. The further developments show that Indonesia have been left behind for almost forty years. It is the moment to rebuild the pride, to set up a new journey towards the supremacy of the regional football. The win over the Thais means lots of things because they are the most difficult team to beat. Despite classical rivalry with the fellow-Malayan race of Malaysia (which Indonesia played the most clashes among the Southeast Asian countries), Thailand seem to be one step ahead.

It is the right time for Indonesia to skip fears, anxiety, curiosity. Indonesia have succeeded to beat Thailand one-to-one and sent them home earlier. In my opinion, the motivation must grow higher and stronger. The semifinals are just a throw of stone and whatever the opponents shall be, Indonesia must have stronger mentality and experience.

2010 AFF Suzuki Cup - Matchday 3



MALAYSIA v LAOS 5-1 (2-1)

Goals: A. Yahyah (4')(41'), M. Zainal (74'), N. Talaha (77'), M. Jasuli (90'); L. Singto (8')

Yellow cards: K. Symsovang


MALAYSIA (22) K. Che Mat, (2) S. Mat Abu, (18) M. Jasuli, (24) M. Ahmad, (3) M. Muhammad, (14) M. Zambri, (9) N. Talaha, (12) A. Rohidan, (8) M. Rahim), (17) A. Yahyah, (16) K. Subramaniam.
LAOS (1) S. Bounthisanh, (3) K. Thongkhen, (4) K. Souksavanh, (5) K. Pinkeo, (19) K. Namthavixay, (10) K. Sysomvang, (11) K. Lithideth, (13) K. Sukhavong, (14) K. Inthammavong, (20) S. Vongchiengkham, (8) L. Singto


(21) M. Zainal for M. Zambri, (15) K. Gurusamy for A. Yahyah, (20) I. Ramlan for N. Talaha; (25) K. Sayavuthi for K. Inthammavong, (2) S. Phommapanya for K. Sysomvang, (22) M. Phomsouvanh for K. Soukhavong.



Goals: Bambang Pamungkas (81') (88'); Suree Sukha (68')

Yellow cards: P. Wongsa, S. Sukha, T. Dangda, S. Chaikamdee
Red cards: P. Wongsa


INDONESIA (1) Markus Horison, (5) Maman Abdulrahman, (26) M. Roby, (3) Zulkifli Syukur, (22) M. Ridwan, (2) M. Nasuha, (8) Eka Ramdani, (6) Tony Sucipto, (10) Okto Maniani, (17) Irfan Bachdim, (9) Cristian Gonzales.
THAILAND (18) Sinthaweechai Hathairattanakool, (6) Nattaporn Phanrit, (3) Natthapong Samana, (5) Suttinun Phuk-hom, (11) Rangsan Vivatchaichok, (20) Panupong Wongsa, (2) Suree Sukha, (7) Datsakorn Thonglao, (10) Teerasil Dangda, (28) Naruphol Ar-Romsawa, (25) Keerati Keawsombat.


(20) Bambang Pamungkas for Bachdim, (19) Ahmad Bustomi for Ramdani, (14) Arif Suyono for Maniani; (13) Therdsak Chaiman for Thonglao, (9) Sarayoot Chaikamdee for Keerati, (8) Suchao Nutnum for Suree. 


(The match kick-off is underway by Wednesday evening at local time (Vietnam)).
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