11 April 2010

Hitler still alive till 1990?

Fuhrer was on his way to Iraq - to help Saddam Hussein!

This news was written by Laurel Bowie and published on NEWS Weekly World, September 19, 1990, page 4-5
Nazi hunters trap him as he boards yacht in Peru!

Adolf Hitler has been captured alive and is being held under armed guard high in the mountains of Peru.

The 100-year-old former German Dictator, who supposedly died in a Berlin bunker in April 1945, was preparing to board a yacht for Iraq when South American Nazi hunters whisked him away from his bodyguards near the coastal city of Platanal. "We have located communiques indicating that Hitler had been secretly advising Iraq's Saddam Hussein for months," said Swiss scientist and Nazi hunter, Dr. Leo Reiff.

"Hussein had offered him asylum and Hitler was all set to leave for the Middle East when his pursuers caught up with him. He was captured without a shot being fired."

Dr. Reiff is the world-renowned anthropologist who first located the aged, ailing Fuhrer living with Indians in the mountains of Chile last year (1989).

"He'd been hiding out with the villagers since June of 1945," Dr. Reiff told reporters. "They worshiped him like a god."

But Hitler moved to Peru's Platanal this spring after Iraq messengers found him and informed him of Hussein's offer of asylum, Dr. Reif said.

"We know for certain that Hitler and Hussein have been in constant communication since March," he said.

"We have copies of communiques in which Hitler advised Hussein how and when to invade Kuwait."

Dr. Reiff, who joined forces with a team of international Nazi hunters this summer, said he and his companions tracked the hollow-eyed, surprisingly fit Hitler to a home near the Peruvian shore, where he lived under the watchful eye of eight Iraqi bodyquards.

A dozen Nazi stalkers armed with semi-automatic rifles were set to move in on the house when they spotted Hitler and his guards preparing to board a small luxurious yacht under cover of darkness.

"A few minutes later and he'd have been on his way to Iraq," Dr. Reiff said. "But his bodyguards were so surprised to see our people, we just drove up, put him in a van and drove away."

Hitler was taken to a mountain hideaway where he is being treated for an apparent heart attack suffered during the capture.

"We have a doctor looking after him," Dr. Reiff said. "But right now it's touch and go. He could die at any time."

The scientist said the captors would like to ship Hitler back to Germany to stand trial for his crimes but that his health could make that impossible.

"Right now, we are going to concentrate on questioning him. After that, the legal system can do what it will with him."
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