28 May 2010

2010 McDonald's FIFA World Cup Fantasy Football

Pembagian Matchday (Round) McDonald's FIFA World Cup Fantasy Football

Matchday 1

Afrika Selatan v Meksiko
Uruguay v Prancis
Korea Selatan v Yunani
Argentina v Nigeria
Inggris v Amerika Serikat
Aljazair v Slovenia
Serbia v Ghana
Jerman v Australia
Belanda v Denmark
Jepang v Kamerun
Italia v Paraguay
Selandia Baru v Slovakia
Pantai Gading v Portugal
Brasil v Korea Utara
Honduras v Chile
Spanyol v Swiss

Matchday 2

Afrika Selatan v Uruguay
Argentina v Korea Selatan
Yunani v Nigeria
Prancis v Meksiko
Jerman v Serbia
Slovenia v Amerika Serikat
Inggris v Aljazair
Belanda v Jepang
Ghana v Australia
Kamerun v Denmark
Slovakia v Paraguay
Italia v Selandia Baru
Brasil v Pantai Gading
Portugal v Korea Utara
Chile v Swiss
Spanyol v Honduras

Matchday 3

Prancis v Afrika Selatan
Meksiko v Uruguay
Yunani v Argentina
Nigeria v Korea Selatan
Slovenia v Inggris
Amerika Serikat v Aljazair
Australia v Serbia
Ghana v Jerman
Paraguay v Selandia Baru
Sovakia v Italia
Kamerun v Belanda
Denmark v Jepang
Korea Utara v Pantai Gading
Portugal v Brasil
Chile v Spanyol
Swiss v Honduras
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24 May 2010

FC Internazionale wins the 2009/2010 UEFA Champions League

The 2010 European Champions (
The 2009/2010 UEFA Champions League has been completed by the final match at Santiago Bernabeu Stadium in Madrid. The meeting of two current domestic league winners, FC Bayern Munich and FC Internazionale Milan confirmed the long journey dating back the opening season last year.

FC Internazionale finally end the drought they have suffered for forty five years. Jose Mourinho sides were, in fact, tremendous this season. They overcome Bayern through a brace of the in form Argentine striker Diego Milito. Mourinho was criticized due to his negative football display at the Camp Nou in the semifinals but found himself the best strategy maker of the season. The "Special One" may defend the strategy as part of his aim to give the title Internisti have been longing for.
Historical Evening for Javier Zanetti (

Internazionale's success in Madrid was considered the proof of the importance of defense to preserve the victory given by offense. A team must be good in defense as it does in offense. It is what probably Mourinho all about. Since Massimo Moratti era, the club has worked so hard to build strong squads. Millions of dollars were injected to become the best side in Europe, or even in the world. Moratti finally found it in the Portuguese coach's brainchild. Mourinho was likely to teach us how to play effectively and, in turn, efficiently.

The trebble success shows the Inter's consistency to keep pace of competitive atmosphere both in domestic and international campaigns. They were times considered lacking of will to win. Now, under the guide of the "special one" I Nerazzurri have done it.


22 May 2010

Finals at Santiago Bernabeu, Madrid

Through history, Santiago Bernabeu Stadium in Madrid has hosted two final matches of  UEFA Champions' Cup and UEFA Champions League. This year's final is the third time the venue holds. FC Internazionale Milan are capturing their cousin's achievement, AC Milan, to be the winners at the same venue as I Rossoneri did in 1969. Whereas FC Bayern Munich are making a redemption due to their losing compatriots, Hamburg SV. It is definitely a heavy weight weekend's prime time!!!

1969 AC Milan v Ajax Amsterdam 4-1 (Prati [7] [40] [75], Sormani [67]; Vasovic [60])
Referee: Jose Ortiz de Mendibil (ESP)
Date: 28 May 1969
AC Milan, the 1969 European Champions
AC Milan: Fabio Cudicini, Angelo Anquilletti, Karl-Heinz Schnellinger, Roberto Rosato, Saul Malatrasi, Giovanni Trapattoni, Kurt Hamrin, Giovanni Lodetti, Angelo Sormani, Gianni Rivera, Pierino Pratti (Coach Nereo Rocco).
Ajax Amsterdam: Gerrit Bals, Wim Suurbier/Bernardus Muller, Barry Hulshoff, Velibor Vasovic, Theo van Duivenbode, Henk Groot/Klaas Nuninga, Anton Pronk, Sjaak Swart, Inge Danielsson, Johan Cruijff, Piet Keizer (Coach Rinus Michels)

1980 Nottingham Forest v Hamburg SV 1-0 (Robertson [24])
Referee: Antonio Garrido (POR)
Date: 28 May 1980
Nottingham Forest, the 1980 European Champions
Nottingham Forest: Peter Shilton, Viv Anderson, Frank Gray/Bryn Gunn, Larry Lloyd, Kenny Burns, Martin O'Neill, John McGovern, Ian Bowyer, John Robertson, Garry Birtles, Gary Mills/John O'Hare (Coach Brian Clough)
Hamburg SV: Rudolf Kargus, Manfred Kaltz, Peter Nogly, Ivan Buljan, Ditmar Jakobs, Holger Hieronymus/Horst Hrubesch, Felix Magath, Caspar Memering, Kevin Keegan, Willi Reimann, Juergen Milewski (Coach Branko Zebec)

19 May 2010

Corruption in Islam Law

In Islam system, in particular Khilafah Islam by which syariah is implemented, corruption refers to the term ikhtilas. Etymologically, ikhtilas means a robbery of other's assets or properties in which mutual and public interests become the victim. Corruptive behaviors are those abusing power to fulfill self-interest. Corruption is a kind of fraudulent acts (ghulul), which denies syariah laws. This crime truly diminishes the common goods.

Unlike theft, which is in hudud domain, corruption is part of ta'zir domain. Laws that regulate this action can not be applied directly by nash, but instead it needs khalifah or qadhi (judges) to overcome it. Rasulullah SAW claims, "Robbers, corruptors (mukhtalis), and betrayals shall not be subject to hand mutilation punishment" (HR Ahmad, Ashab as-Sunan and Ibnu Hibban).

Instead, ta'zir for the corruptors can be tasyhir (making public a person who corrupts; he or she may be revealed to the public, or by mass media blowing-up), jilid punishment, imprisoned, exiled, or death sentenced. Besides, the corruptor's assets must be removed.

Syaikh Abdurrahman al-Maliki in Nizham al-'Uqubat fi al-Islam writes that punishment for a corruptior is imprisonment for six months to five years; according to how much assets being corrupted. Khalifah Umar bin Abdul Aziz recommended a long-term jilid sentence and/or imprisonment (Ibn Abi Syaiban, Mushannaf Ibn Abi Saybah, V/528; Mushannaf Abd ar-Razaq, X/209). Khalifah Umar bin al-Khaththab ra., used to removed all assets his corrupt official had (see Thabaqat Ibn Sa'ad, Tarikh al-Khulafa' as-Suyuthi).

Resource: Buletin Dakwah Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia, Edisi No. 504, Jum'at 10 April 2010.

8 May 2010

Easy Stop Smoking - Easiest Ways To Stop Smoking

That being said, an easy stop smoking method is to begin a daily exercise regimen that works the cardiovascular system. Many people find that if they begin an exercise routine in a consistent manner, like a daily exercise routine, they will naturally not want to smoke as much. That's because the more you use your body as a smoker, the more you can feel the damage that has already been done to the body as a result of smoking cigarettes.

Exercise provide an easy stop smoking method because it will limit the nicotine cravings. As opposed to cold turkey where a person has to muster the will power every moment to not start smoking again, starting to exercise everyday can kill the craving without much effort. That's because if you begin jogging every day, your body will begin to reject thoughts of cigarettes.

Other people look to hypnosis as an easy stop smoking technique. This is supposed to be a method that takes all the conscious thought out of quitting smoking. The idea is someone introduces ideas about quitting smoking to you while you're in an unconscious state. When you wake up, you conscious self will respond to the message the unconscious self heard. And thus, the person will no longer want to smoke. 
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