4 March 2010

Football relieves wounds

Nasty tackle by Stoke City's defender Ryan Shawcross on Arsenal's midfielder Aaron Ramsey caused the Gunners suffering fatal injury for the second time. Ramsey followed the Croat internationals Eduardo da Silva to break his leg.

Shawcross, like Martin Taylor's response to the previously similar accident, was shocked and feeling desperate. He told the media that he did not have any cruel intention to end other player's career. He was right; it was no more than an impact of direct body contact sports. Football can be as beautiful and tender as flying fur; yet, it can be as wild as beast. We must agree that both Taylor and Shawcross were good guys. They were professionals. It was bad luck to hamper them to show how good they had been before the horrible tackles they made. One can not judge a player as a bad guy just because of a single mistake. Even, John Terry's scandal should have been forgiven; even Wayne Bridge's snub on Terry can also be understood.

The Arsenal's tragic series (hopefully the Ramsey's chapter be the last one) showed that everything can happen in football. It was a deep regret showed by the mourning Shawcross. There is going to be a haunting moment every time he visits the Emirates. It is going to be on his decision to stand still against the potentially wildest mocking choirs around the stadium. The Stoke's defender, if the opponents finally accept him generously, yet still be haunted by a big question: What is going to happen to Ramsey in the future? Will he recover? Will the tackle end his career?

Compared with Stuart Pearce and David Beckham, who were accused to destroy the England's dreams in 1990 and 1998 FIFA World Cups, Rya Shawcross actually carries heavier burden. Pearce and Beckham might have been wounded by the address of "public enemy number one" due to their particular "stupidity", failing in doing the job properly. Meanwhile, Shawcross seemed to play well during the match, until the disaster came. It was not fair for him. Even he is now in the middle of heartbreak. As a defender, the prime duty is to stop offense, including therein tackling the opponent's forwards. Shawcross must think twice after this horror time. We can imagine how destructed he is now.

Moral supports are necessary for Shawcross and Ramsey. The Welshman definitely needs motivation to escape from potentially traumatic moments. It is a hard, hard work to do. Should they meet again on the pitch in the future, make sure that they will meet in peace and professionalism. No prejudice, no revenge. Both are potentials for England and Wales. (What on Earth is happening....these squads are drawn one group in the Euro 2014 Qualifiers!!!).

It is how we comprehend football. It is how we treat some people say "the greatest show on earth". We may have no explanation to discuss who to blame. It was just an accident. All must be survived for the glory of football.

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