31 January 2010

Central Java Local Minium Wage (UMR) 2010 Fiscal Year

Central Java authority to rise Local Minimum wage

Governor of Central Java has signed a Letter of Decree No. 561.4/108/2009 on the Local Minimum Wages of 35 local authorities (Regencies and Municipalities) for 2010 fiscal year. The 2010 Local Minimum wage is IDR55,791 more than the previous fiscal year. Of the 35 regencies/municipalities, the Municipality of Semarang tops the wage by IDR939,756, whereas the bottom rank goes to the western region of Cilacap Regency by IDR660,000. This composition makes the average Local Minimum wage of the 35 regencies/municipalities IDR734,874. 

The above Decree must be obeyed by business communities. Those who have objections, a delay proposal will be made available by the government. According to the Letter of Decree of the Minister of Employment, Transmigration, and Settlement No: Kep.231/MEN/2003, the delay proposal must be endorsed by the business owners to the governor via empowered authorities not later than 10 days before the wage taking effect. Siswolaksono said that this decision is effective by January 2010.

Central Java Local Office of Employment, Transmigration, and Settlement has planned to establish a team, which incorporates regent/municipal authorities to take the responsibility of delaying the decision-making. Previous fiscal year evidenced a delay efforts of 77 business owners. Of these numbers, three business owners removed the delay proposals, 15 were rejected, and 59 were acceptable.

Below are the list of Local Minimum Wages by localities in Indonesia Rupiah (IDR)

Banjarnegara: 662,000.00
Banyumas: 670,000.00
Batang: 745,000.00
Blora: 742,000.00
Boyolali: 748,000.00
Brebes: 681,000.00
Cilacap (urban area): 760,000.00
Cilacap (eastern area): 675,000.00
Cilacap (western area): 660,000.00
Demak: 813,400.00
Grobogan: 687,500.00
Jepara: 702,000.00
Karanganyar: 761,000.00
Kebumen: 700,000.00
Kendal: 780,000.00
Klaten: 735,000
Kudus: 775,000.00
Magelang (municipal): 745,000.00
Magelang (regent): 752,000.00
Pati: 733,000.00
Pekalongan (municipal): 760,000.00
Pekalongan (regent): 760,000.00
Pemalang: 675,000.00
Purbalingga: 695,000.00
Purworejo: 719,000.00
Rembang: 702,000.00
Semarang (municipal): 939,756.00
Salatiga (municipal): 803,185.00
Sragen: 724,000.00
Sukoharjo: 769,500.00
Surakarta (municipal): 785,000.00
Tegal: 687,500.00
Temanggung: 709,500.00
Wonosobo: 715,000.00

Data Source: The Central Governor Decree No 561.4/108/2009

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