11 November 2009

Rethinking Nation's Spirits To Combat Corruption

Corruption; a term that hits top chart of media news this recently in Indonesia. Many efforts have been devoted to solve corruption problems. But controversies keep escalating at the moment the efforts are taken. Corruption has become a latent danger to human race. I think this crime is a humanity disorder. History of men has evidenced armed wars to cause physical damage; and now the situation gets harder to handle because of corruption. The acts of corrupting are like viruses that infiltrate human body. In other words, it is microscopic.
Because today’s needs are inevitable, corruption – of financial and concrete matters – gives temptations to everyone who has accesses to be an outlaw. Being physically rich is a very interesting promise to us. Therefore, the case of corruption is more apparently found this lately.
A nation, where many people live in, must have a good will spirit to bring about good life. The nation must also have bureaucrats with constructive efforts as well as constituents with keen monitoring strength on behalf of public mutual interests. But this idealism is very difficult to reach. It is because of many factors. The problems that prevent the nation’s prosperity even are more impossible to resolve in developing or under-developed countries.
Among others, factors that hamper so called good governance include composition of people, difference in social status, number of population, and economic stability. These problems will, in turn, lead to severe nation’s issues like misguided authorities, monopoly, and above all, corruption.
In case of Indonesia, a nation of two hundred millions inhabitants, the largest maritime country in the world, the corruption crime is somewhat a “box office” case. It is still difficult to say that corruption is going to cease in short term. Since economic condition is unstable, there are groups of people, whose authorities are strong, taking opportunities to enrich themselves by stealing rights of others. This is truly an unhealthy condition. In developing their national life, Indonesians still lack of common sense.
Especially to leaders and bureaucrats, they need more education of how to devote their services purely to the goodness of the people. Up to now, only a few persons have such angelical spirit. Ironically, they are parts of those who do not have strength to make decisions. To many corruption scandals in this nation have probably allowed assumption of international communities that most Indonesians corrupt. This tendency should be avoided. It is a virus that damage the immunity of the system of the Indonesian government and society.
Indonesia must rebuild its characteristics in order to be more responsive, honest, intelligent, and devoting to public interests. This is important to create an equalit in any respect, especially, economic, on which the corruption actions tend to base.Indonesia will never be developed if there are still many corrupting individuals. This country needs trusted, honest, and capable ones who put common interests above personal interests.
Understanding about equality is the key to combating the corruption. There should neither be the richest nor the poorest people of the country. Monopoly has destroyed togetherness of the nation. Hence, Indonesians must awake to work together to control this situation.
Tiyo Widodo, November 10, 2009

The Secret Life of Fruit Flies

Fruit flies linger over a bowl of rotting fruit. To untrained eyes, the flies may look like a swarming nuisance, but scientists have found that flies’ swoops and buzzes are ways to send signals through the crowd. Another, less obvious way these insects communicate is through chemical signals called pheromones. (It’s easy to think of these chemical signals as being similar to smells.) Scientists have long known that pheromones may play an important role in reproduction — certain pheromones may attract a potential mate, for example. But in a surprising new study, scientists found that male fruit flies are particularly attracted to other flies — male and female — that don’t put out any pheromones at all.

Strange Attraction from Science News on Vimeo.

The researchers also found that fruit flies without pheromones are attractive to males of other species. This research suggests that pheromones may be even more complicated — and important — than scientists thought. Besides telling other insects to come a little closer, pheromones may also be used to say, “Back off!” That message is important for keeping up barriers between species. There are many different types of fruit flies, no matter how similar they all look as they swarm over a rotting tomato. Scientists have wondered how fruit flies can tell each other apart. Appearance may play a role. So may sound — the mating song of each different kind of fruit fly is different, for example. Source:
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