10 September 2009

Road noise link to blood pressure

People living near noisy roads are at greater risk of developing high blood pressure, a Swedish study suggests.

A Lund University team found risk rose above an average daily exposure of 60 decibels, which accounts for about one in four people in western Europe.

They said it was likely noise caused stress - and maybe sleep disruption - leading to blood pressure problems.

But UK experts questioned the findings, saying other factors such as diet and smoking were more important.

Researchers analysed questionnaires completed by nearly 28,000 people as well as analysing neighbourhood traffic noise.

They found that at above 60 decibels the risk of high blood pressure rose by more than 25%.

Above 64 decibels the risk rose by more than 90% although the team cautioned that the low numbers in this group could have skewed the findings.

The report, published in the Environmental Health journal, said the findings were worrying as high blood pressure increased the chances of heart disease and stroke.

However, the link was not apparent for people above 60 years old. The researchers said this was either because they had become desensitised to the noise or already had high blood pressure.

Report author Theo Bodin said: "Road traffic noise is the most important source of community noise so we felt it was important to look at this.

"I think what we have found is probably linked to the noise triggering stress. Previous research has found this, although we need to look at this issue further before we make firm conclusions."

But Professor Alan Maryon-Davis, president of the UK's Faculty of Public Health, said: "It seems to me that they have found an association rather than a cause. Other factors, such as smoking, diet and deprivation, are likely to be playing more of a role.

"However, it is an area of research which merits further work."

Source: BBC NEWS | Health | Road noise ...

Hear they say after qualifying the South Africa 2010

Paraguay coach Gerardo Martino: "In the national team, you work for two possibilities - you can work for having a job or for making history. I want to work for the second option." Spanish midfielder Cesc Fabregas: "This goal is very important for me, especially for the confidence it gives me. It's a pleasure to play with these players and in front of these fans. Eight wins out of eight, not many countries can say that." England captain John Terry: "When we play like that, pressing and working the ball, we're a difficult opposition for any side. Don't forget, it's taken a year for us to get this good, and we've got a way to go to get to where we ultimately want to be. But we're on track." Ghana midfielder Michael Essien: "The people of Ghana wanted us to win and we did not let them down. What a fantastic feeling to be the first African country to qualify for the first World Cup to be staged in Africa." Brazil Coach Dunga: "We're happy. We beat a great team with great champions. Lionel Messi might be the best player in the world. We beat Argentina, which had not lost a match at home in qualifying." North Korea Coach Kim Jong-Hun: "It was so hot in Saudi Arabia and as you know the journey from Korea was long, but our belief in the ability of the players snatched the ticket to South Africa." Netherlands Coach Bert van Marwijk: "My goal was to qualify for the finals so now we have a year to prepare. Winning six straight World Cup qualifiers deserves a compliment." South Korea Coach Huh Jung-Moo: "I'm really happy that we made it. We are all satisfied with a performance that saw us ensure a place in South Africa. The players were excellent throughout the qualifiers, they did a great job." Australia Pim Verbeek: "The World Cup is a great, great event and I'm already looking forward to going there. We have to go and do it better than last time." Japan Takeshi Okada: "We played very well. I think we should continue playing this style in the remaining matches." Source: BBC Sport | Football | Internationals | Who qualified ....?
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