9 September 2009

Indonesia Bureaucratic Apparatus Reform

One of factors that affect public service quality is delay of transparent and accountable public service implementation. Therefore, this public service should be performed trasparently and accountably by every service unit of the government institutions in order to give impact of the bureaucratic performance in public service to the people welfare.
Effort to create a high quality, transparent, and accountable service, among others, has been legally promulgated within the State Apparatus Empowerment Minister Decree Number 63/KEP/M.PAN/7/2003 on General Principle of Public Service Administration. To give in depth explanation of the Decree, the government issued a supporting Act of the State Apparatus Empowerment Minister Decree Number KEP/26/M.PAN/2/2004 on Technical Guidance of Transparency and Accountability in the Public Service.
In addition to the quality of the public service, there must be a bureaucratic reform, in which reconstruction and modification of governmental system are prefereable, in particular, those related to institutional, managerial, and apparatus human resource aspects. Bureaucratic reform is implemented to create a good governnance. This reform, in addition, also becomes a strategic effort to build more empowered and more productive state apparatus ini carrying responsibilities to the governmental and developmental duties.
However, the bureaucratic reform can not apply effectively without adquate public control mechanism. The mechanism here relates to openness or transparency towards the public views by limiting confidentiality characteristics. In order to accommodate such target, the government, once again, has launched Government Act Number 14/2008 on Public Information Transparency.
One of important elements to implement a transparent state administration as part of public rights to get information access, the government should combat any individual interest that may deter the national goal towards common welfare in responsible manners. The rights on information access is also relevant with the needs for improving the people involvement in the process of desicision making. Public transparency is a significant aspect for the flow of the public information access.
Keywords: Transparency, Accountability, and Participation in public service improvement.
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