8 September 2009

Regulations of the UEFA/CAF Meridian Cup (Edition 2006)

Article 1: Scope of Application Article 2: Purpose of the Competition Article 3: Organisation and responsibilities Article 4: Participation in the Competition Article 5: Cup, medals and awards Article 6: Insurance Article 7: Competition system Article 8: Refereeing Article 9: Doping Article 10: Sending off the field of play Article 11: Unforeseen circumstances Article 12: Authoritative text Article 13: Adoption and entry into force Preamble: Based on Article 49(2c) and Article 50(1) of the UEFA Statutes as well as Article 23(11) and (19) of the CAF Statutes, the following regulations have been adopted: Article 1: Scope of application.
The present regulations govern the rights, duties and responsibilities of all parties participating in the UEFA/CAF Meridian Cup (hereinfater the Competition) or involved in its organisation.
Article 2: Purpose of the Competition. 1.The Competition aims at strengthening the relations and fostering the cooperation between the Confederation Africaine de Football (CAF) and the Union des associations europeennes de football (UEFA), according to their statutory objectives. 2.Furthermore, the Competition shall serve to promote: a.youth football in Africa and Europe; b.reciprocal contacts, understanding, acceptance and greaterknowledge of other cultures; c.the exchange of interpersonal, cultural and sporting values; d.friendship, tolerance and respect through an international youth football competition. Article 3: Organisation and responsibilities. 1.The Meridian Project Board, composed of representatives of both UEFA Executive Committee and CAF Executive Committee (hereinafter the Board), has the overall responsibility for the Competition. 2.The UEFA Administration is vested with the administrative running the Competition. 3.The UEFA Administration entrusts the national association appointed by the Board for each edition of the Competition (hereinafter the host association) with the organisation of the Competition. 4.The host association undertakes: stage the matches in the Competition in accordance with the present regulations; comply with the "UEFA Binding Safety and Security Regulations (2004 edition); observe the staging agreement signed with UEFA; make all necessary arrangements for the staging of the matches in the Competition. Article 4: Participation in the Competition. 1.The Competition is open to players: a.whose nationality entitles them to represent an national association which is a member of UEFA place. b.who are between 16 and 18 years old on 1 January of the year during which the Competition takes place. 2.Each player wanting to participate in the Competition is required to sign, jointly with his parents or legal guardian, the participation form whereby he agrees: abide by these regulations and to recognise the jurisdiction of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) in Lausanne (Switzerland), as provided for in the relevant statutory provisions of the confederation to which the national association he is entitled to represent on account of his nationality is affiliated (hereinafter the confederation); observe the principles of fair play and non violence, and to behave accordingly: refrain from anti-doping rule violations as defined by the regulations of the confederation concerned and to undergo any doping test as ordered by the Board; grant UEFA and CAF the right to use and authorise others to see - free of charge and throughout the world - photographic, audio-visual and visual material from him (including his names, relevant statistics, data and images) related to the Competition, for non-commercial purposes and as designated by UEFA and CAF; provide, in conjunction with his respective club and national association, for sufficient insurance coverage for himself, including not limited to accident insurance. 3.The participation forms must be submitted to the UEFA Administration within the deadline set by the latter for each edition of the Competition. 4.The UEFA Administration shall decide about the validity of the participation forms. Such decisions are final. Article 5 – Cup, medals and awards. 1. A Challenge cup – the “Meridian Cup” – is presented to the winning confederation and remains in its possession until the next Competition. UEFA is responsible for engraving the cup with the name of the winning confederation. 2. The winning confederation also receives a scaled-down replica of the challenge cup, which it may keep. 3. Thirty gold medals are presented to the winning confederation and thirty silver ones to the defeated confederation. 4. The top goal scorer of the Competition will receive a special award. 5. A Jury consisting of a representative from both CAF and UEFA will award the Fairplay Trophy to the confederation which best satisfied the Fairplay spirit and criteria. Article 6 – Insurance. 1. UEFA and CAF shall conclude the necessary insurances to cover their own risks related to the organisation of the Competiton. 2. The host association shall conclude all necessary insurance with reputable insurers, including but not limited to third-party liability coverage. 3. The players, in conjunction with their respective club and national association, are responsible for their own insurance coverage. In addition, UEFA and CAF shall conclude subsidiary third party liability insurance for their respective delegations (including players), to cover the risks not covered by the delegation members' own insurance. Article 7 – Competition system. 1 The Competition consists of two matches to be played in conformity with the Laws of the Game as promulgated by the International Football Association Board, between a European selection composed of 20 players (including two goalkeepers) entitled to represent a national association of UEFA and an African selection composed of 20 players (including two goalkeepers) entitled to represent a national association of CAF. 2 The Competition is played every two years. The match dates, venues and kick-off times are fixed by the Board for each edition of the Competition. 3 If the two teams involved score the same number of goals over the two legs, kicks from the penalty mark determine the winner of the Competition. No extra time will be played. The “Away Goal”-rule will not apply. 4 Each match in the Competition lasts 2 x 45 minutes. The half-time interval lasts 15 minutes. 5 Each player must start at least one of the two matches in the Competition. 6 The substitution of six field players per team is possible during the course of a match according to the following principles: a. A maximum of three field players can be changed during the second half. b. In addition a substitute goalkeeper can be introduced at any time. c. A player who has been substituted may take no further part in the match. Article 8 – Refereeing. One referee and one assistant referee from each confederation will be appointed by the Referees Committees of UEFA and CAF. Article 9 – Doping. 1 The Board may order doping tests to be carried out at any time in accordance with the UEFA Anti-Doping Regulations. 2 In case of anti-doping rule violations, the case will be reported to the disciplinary authority of the confederation concerned. This authority shall decide on sanctions in accordance with its disciplinary regulations. Article 10 – Sending off the field of play. 1 A player who has received a red card in the first match cannot take part in the second match. The case will be reported to the disciplinary authority of the confederation concerned. This authority may decide on further sanctions in accordance with its disciplinary regulations. 2 If a player has received a red card in the second match, the case will be reported to the disciplinary authority of the confederation concerned. This authority may decide on sanctions in accordance with its disciplinary regulations, but in any case the player concerned is suspended for at least the next official competition match of any representative team of the national association he is entitled to represent. Article 11 – Unforeseen circumstances. The Board will decide according to right and justice on any matters not provided for in these regulations. Such decisions are final. Article 12 – Authoritative text. If there is any discrepancy in the interpretation of the English, French or German versions of these regulations, the English version prevails. Article 13 – Adoption and entry into force. 1 These regulations were approved by the CAF and adopted by the Executive Committee of UEFA at its meeting on 8 December 2006. 2 They come into force on 1 January 2007. For the UEFA Executive Committee: Lennart Johansson President Lars-Christer Olsson Chief Executive Nyon, December 2006 Source: UEFA.

Hidup Sehat Dengan Hipertensi

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