2 May 2009

Shower Earth With Your Love

Early morning before six thin layer of clouds covered the sky. Despite dry season about to begin, roads got wet by tears from Heaven. I felt chilled trembling my nerves. I tasted stone-aging smells of water-poured soils. It should have had to be a symbol of sadness as the sun didn't show up. But how could my heart be drowned in joy? There had to be a sweet message from the Mother Nature. Yes, actually there was. Half an hour getting numb by the show before my lazy eyes, finally I got clinched by the squirts smashing the stones, by the distant rolling thunders. That ... the tears sent from above were tears of joy. They built a river of life, with all ornaments of celebration. Our Mother Earth was having her a special day. Day when she need to be looked after for her better future and survival. It was the day when she wanted to be best served by the inhabiting creature namely Mankind. Will you join me to stop smoking, throwing used things, burrying irreversible materials, stuffing soils with poisonous materials, and turning off the motor vehicle machines just for 24 hous? Will you?
Happy Mother Earth Day ...
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