14 March 2009

Civil servants’ salary rise to discount local finance

Central government has been defined as inconsistent due o its salary rise policy for the civil servants, in spite of lacing general allocation funds (DAU = Dana Alokasi Umum). The government has extended the salary 15% higher. Local House of Representatives member, Jauhari Thontowi (from Partai Amanat Nasional), stated that some regions have been troubled by the policy as they have to rearrange their budgets to accommodate the policy. Complaints arose from some local governments of Central Java Province. In Wonosobo Regency, allocation for routine adjusted costs due to the 15% rise touched IDR 61 billions. It is far beyond the IDR 4 billions DAU. In Boyolali Regency, the increase of the salary is as much as IDR 54 billions notwithstanding the IDR 16 billions DAU. In Kudus Regency, where the DAU allocation costs IDR 15 billions, have to make available of as much as IDR 56 billions due to the salary rise. “The President’s lip service; how can the civil servants’salary rise be accommodated without additional DAU budgets?,” said Thontowi on Friday (13/3). Such mismatch possibly affects local governments in general. The central government issues a policy, which leads to controversy. It is surprising, then, if they make their own policies, for instance, by cutting-throat the DAU budgets. “There will not be any desirable development. The DAU must be discounted and we cannever make the homerun,” Thontowi explained. Considering this recent condition, Thontowi suggests the Central Java Governor to coordinate with the central government in order to prevent the similar case in 2010 budget plan. Source: Suara Merdeka, March 14th, 2009.
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