13 November 2009

What do you think if Indonesian university students dress uniform ?

From kindergarten to high school, students at Indonesian schools are obliged to wear uniform. The purpose, among others, is to keep equality between the students. This uniformity is important to cease difference in social-economic status. Besides, the school managements usually forbid their students to attend the class with facial make-up. As students have gone to university, a remarkable change has occurred. Students are given to wear casual dress. They are also freed to do the make up. Indonesian campuses nowadays, those outside military education institutions, are not left behid catwalk where supermodels show their charms off to the spectators. Actually, the students may choose any fashion style to wear at the campus, as long it reminds them to politeness. However, as lifestyle changes, the way the students of getting dress changes accordingly. Physical appearance has become a “pilot project” as it is believed to give rise to their self-confidence or, even, self-esteem. They are now full of attractions. At present, it is more diffiult to differ them from other groups of people outside the campus. This fashion tendency may bring about gaps among schooling individuals. Many students have been overshadowed by the cutting-edge style due to fear of being noted “out of date”. Fortunately, such trend has inevitably infiltrated those who actually do not match with the current style. They prove to be forced by mutual voice that they must follow the others’ styles. All is under the attribute of “competitiveness”. This is …just …not good at all. Adverse effect is arising from it in form of difference in social status. In spite of family background, a university student often pretends him- or herself by doing what friends do; to wider extent, do what the mode does. Sometines university students dress overactingly. The clothes they wear for the class course are just similar to what they must wear to a party. This is what is happening nowadays. The campuses are getting more “colorful” on behalf of freedom to dress. It is probably important to make a regulation that requires students to dress in such way that academic environment is different from other environments. "Will students agree with such policy as obedience to wear uniform; like their childhood schooling times?” This question maybe sounds a jooke on a comedy show. A predictable scenario: most of them laughing at the idea. Yet, it is probably effective to control overacting behaviors. It assures that education institutions are not place where celebrities show off their updated style, or even, sexual appeals.

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