13 November 2009

On Robert Enke Death Case

The death of Robert Enke is a terrible tragedy of the year in 2009 football. It is surprising that this incident happened to somewhat in-form footballer after having had bad moments in his past career abroad. Following decision of Enke's psychiatrist, depression suffered by the Hanover 96 goalie is a result of being sidelined too many times. During Barcelona career, Enke only played a single game. It is true that goalkeeper's position is harder to compete because a team only needs one player. Yet, opportunities to play should have had been given because the club has signed the player. I think Enke went to Barcelona not to watch the game from the bench. The similar experience he also found during on-loan status in Turkish League. This had worsened his frustration. Fear of failure, the psychiatrist said, was the main effect of Enke's cumulative stress. As a professional footballer, he had to had high obsessions: playing every single match in every game week. Enke's tragedy must leave us a question -- or rather, homework. Professional football must rebuild its repute to, among others, guarantee the future of the players by ways of appreciating them with the highest respect. For example of this spirit is to give the best opportunity to play as a responsibility of signing the players in the squads. Today's football competition has been more commercially looking. Some clubs with strong financial powers make through gathering the players they desire in order to give the clubs more popularity. Here, I will not put any club to be an example because everyone of you must have known it clearly. Depression, like what Robert Enke suffered for years, is frightening for a football players. Causes may come from any source: injury, lacking talent, poor mentality, and of course, lacking opportunities to play for the first team. It is therefore we must rethink about making the footballers as collectibles, creating a sound commercial image that the club is very popular because it has many world class players. This is not what sport wants to have. Roberto Baggio used to say that playing pitch is the only ideal place for a footballer. Waiting in vein of the coach's calling on the bench is not an ideal situation at all. It is therefore, depression may arise, either gradually or revolutionarily. It is a strong warning to "greedy" clubs whose financial resources are abundantly used for hiring too many players in the squads. They should have not done such behavior because it has potential to result fatal impact to the players. Too many players in a squad means too little chance to be in the first team, playing as they must be as a footballers. Marco van Basten when coached Ajax Amsterdam is a good example for being efficient: "This team has too many players," says the Dutch legend. He referred as this stuation to inefficiency and future of the unused players. photo by

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