17 November 2009

The Meaning of Healthy

How to measure healthy people Many people believe that a person with too thin or too fat body is unhealthy. This argument is reasonable. However, being healthy is not all about body weight. Health also depends on the following aspects: 1. Family medical history 2. Genetics 3. Bad habits, such as alcohol consumption, lacking rest, and smoking 4. diet pattern 5. physical exercise pattern The above aspects are useful to measure the health of of an individual beyond what people believe as healthy by looking at body weight
Many have wrong perception about anything that determines health. Actually, someone cannot be seen as healthy (unhealthy) by his or her body weight. Humans are overshadowed by image they discover from famous people who become icons of society. There are too many subjective perceptions of an ideal condition a person should have to be healthy. One of ways of determining whether a person is healthy is by measuring waist. Waist sized >94 cm for male and >84 for female may explain a beyond threshold weight and cause health problems. For example, a woman with waist size 84+8 cm is unhealthy; therefore, she is suggested to reduce her weight. BMI (Body Mass Index) Body Mass Index (BMI) aims to measure balance or weight/height ratio. One can find out whether his weight/height ratio has fulfilled requirements of being healthy. To measure it, we can use BMI Calculator. Up to present, the BMI Calculator is the only way of measuring an overall health. It is affected by the following variables: 1.waist size 2.fat content in the body 3.blood pressure 4.cholesterol 5.smoking habit patterns Although overweight give more risks, underweight is also risky so that ideal health must be achieved by not surpassing the ideal weight thresholds. Underweight is caused by a strict diet system, which leads to nutrition deficiency. Young women have bigger risks of having anemia. In case of the underweight due to lacking of calcium intake, the risks can be osteoporosis when the underweight suspects grow older. Another serious problem is amennorhea (the missing of menstrual period) as this may cause an individual infertile.
If one has an ideal body weight but still does not like the body posture, this problem can be overcome by doing physical exercise. It is much better than having a strict diet. In addition to shape the body, exercise also helps maintain fitness, muscular development, and ultimate healthy condition. Reference: dr. Susan Webb of

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