22 November 2009

Globalization in People Republic of China

This paper presents some initiative thinkings about the creation of innovative systems of the public human resource development in light of the economic and social development in People Republic of China. The purpose of this project is to keep the pace with globalization of new economy. As China joins the World Trade Organization (WTO), the country is faced by new theories and practices of public administration. This development has required prompt analyses on issues related with the innovative efforts of the public human resource previously applied to the Western countries. Globalization and internationalization have affected the development of public administration in China, in particular, the construction of the public human resource capability. The new century has caused remarkable change in competitive structure of human resource development in international levels. The international human resource competition has become more important aspect towards the success in economic, technological, educational, or social competitions. In response to this HR development, People Republic of China has taken the opportunities to develop strategies in order to anticipate the competitiveness of the twentieth century. As China joined the World Trade Organizaton (WTO), this country has got involved into a vast competition of human resource development. The Chinese public administration was demanded to create a competitive environment for global markets and to provide multidimensional services according to regulations and standards of the international conventions. The globalization of economy and HR competition has caused a multinational human resource development. To avoid problems that might be found in public administration and public services, the Chinese government made efforts to push the HR market systems and to develop the public administration HR with co-operative values to optimally allocate the available resources that had commercial values. The keys to success of the public administration HR development in China were developmental improvement, attractiveness, and information technology-responsive public administration HR. These abilities were important to lead the nation as one of the outstanding countries in Asia nowadays. As a developing country with the largest territory and population in the world, China is rich of human resources. The problem is, however, this country still has low market rate, limited opportunities, and reluctance of high-quality human resources in taking part into the nation's development. In case of reluctancy of desired parties to the development, China still lacks of leaders with quick reaction to the business operation development. The advance of technology and science have not been supported by natural resource and economic developments. The current economic condition needs for correct strategies in public administration human resource development. China should have not only applied the most efficient incentive systems for its public administration and service human resources, but also has to formulate appropriate regulations in order to create innovative environment of the human resources and long-life Justify Fulleducation development. Source: Zhang Xuedong

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