7 July 2009

Indonesia Election 2009

Indonesia is going to hold a President Election tomorrow (8/7, local time). The election is going to present three running candidates: the former president Megawati Soekarnoputri, the incumbent Susilo Bambang Yudoyono, and the incumbent VP M. Jusuf Kalla. They all have passed presidential candidate debates last week so people of Indonesia are expected to be able to value their choice on what these candidates have presented.
One significant problem that shadows this nation is a struggle in creating a good governance. Developing countries indeed have unsteady multi-aspect situations. Corruption, inequalities, poor public services, are among them, which lead to the developing countries to unachieved goals. This phenomenon needs hard works of whosoever leading the nation. A people-committed leadership is the basic need for bringing the country into better circumstances and more prosperous constituents. I do believe that it is very important to lead a nation with huge population, large territory like Indonesia. Strong commitments to every work program in every aspect of life will be costly as well as time and energy consuming.
The future of Indonesia will rely on the capability of its new government, that must administer from 2009 to 2014. There will not be a revolutionary change, however, in my opinion. What may occur are corrections and remedies of the current situation. Promises during the campaigns must be realized by real works. Therefore, it is important for Megawati, Yudoyono, or Kalla, to present as realistic programs as possible. So far, Kalla is the most realistic planner. I am impressed by his campaign on "people's economy in autonomous manner" (ekonomi kerakyatan melalui kemandirian). It is a small talk but a heavy weight idea. When the whole nation starts thinking about local autonomy, there is a "must do" project that should be concerned: spirit of autonomy. Building a strong character of hard workers in a hundred millions-inhabited country means that every citizen is expected to put himself/herself in active roles. When somebody still thinks about subsidies from the central government, he or she must not be ready of even thinking or dreaming about local autonomy.
I can conclude that all candidates have shown their prominence in order to preserve their accountability toward the Republic of Indonesia Number One (RI-1). I also put weight on Jusuf Kalla for my most realistic reasion: his realistic program. JK is underdog and perhaps deserving to lose. But his nothing to lose manner reminds me to a strong but simple quote: "a looser gets lucky sometimes". His simple plans can bring our people to a better place. Indonesians who have been "expendable" can even be luckier than slumdog millionaires.

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