20 July 2009

Bomb Terrors in Indonesia

Once again Indonesia experiences a bitter line of the nation's history as terrors showed down in the heart of the country's capital. The bomb, killing nine people and wounded 42 others on Friday, July 17, was the 12th of the overall since the first blast in the Philippine ambassador (where among dozens wounded, and two people killed, in a blast outside his Jakarta home). Many of the attacks were related to Islamic movements, something that truly hurt the Muslims of the country.
However, I bet it no more than a conspiracy on behalf of innocent Islam world. Even, no religion seems to allow such violence. Terrorists and terrorism know no religion !!
Below are lists of bomb terrors that occurred in Indonesia: Sept 13, 2000 - Blast at stock exchange in Jakarta kills 15 and wounds dozens. Dec 24, 2000 - Series of Christmas Eve blasts at Jakarta churches and elsewhere in the country kill 17 people and wound about 100. At first thought by some to have political motivations, the blasts are later tied to Jemaah Islamiah. Oct 12, 2002 - Blasts on the tourist island of Bali kill 202 people, many of them foreign tourists, including 88 Australians. Three of the "Bali bombers" from the al Qaeda-linked group Jemaah Islamiah are executed by firing squad in November 2008. Dec 5, 2002 - Blast in a McDonald's restaurant in eastern town of Makassar kills three. Aug 5, 2003 - Bomb outside JW Marriott Hotel in Jakarta kills 12 people, including a Dutchman, and wounds 150. Jemaah Islamiah is blamed. Jan 10, 2004 - Four people are killed by a bomb in a karaoke cafe in Palopo on Sulawesi island. Sept 9, 2004 - A powerful bomb explodes near the Australian embassy in central Jakarta killing 10 Indonesians and wounding more than 100. Jemaah Islamiah is blamed for the attack. Nov 13, 2004 - An explosion near a police station on the eastern island of Sulawesi kills five people and wounds four. May 28, 2005 - Two bombs rip through a busy market in a Christian town in eastern Indonesia, killing 22 people. Oct 2, 2005 - Suicide bombers linked to Jemaah Islamiah set off three bombs on Bali that kill 20 people, including some foreign tourists. More than 100 people were wounded. July 17, 2009 - Bomb blasts at the JW Marriott and the Ritz-Carlton hotels in Jakarta's business district kill nine people and wound 42. Source: Reuters

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