20 May 2009

International Goalkeepers Congress fixed for June

Source: African Football
The second edition of the International Congress of Goalkeepers takes place from June 26 to 27, 2009 at the Allianz Arena in Munich, Germany. The two-day event that seeks to bring together goalkeepers, goalkeepers’ coaches and experts in goalkeeping to exchange their know-how and experience is being organized by Deutsche Torwartschule in cooperation with the Bavarian Football Association. The congress will focus on the role of the goalkeeper, and in particular on the special requirements made of education, assistance and support. Over 30 speakers will address forums on the latest trends in goalkeeping, innovative coaching methods and the outlook for young players. Other topics include the influence of the media, marketing and technology on the goalie position and modern goalkeeper coaching. Other highlights include a charity fixture during which participants can make donations and play against famous goalkeepers and former professional football players. The Deutsche Torwartschule plans to use the proceeds to open up and support new goalkeeper schools for children in southern Africa. The former German national goalkeeper and current German FA (DFB) national goalkeeper manager, Andy Köpke, is patron of the congress and has emphasized on its importance. “The role of the goalkeeper in football has undergone a distinct change over the past years. The effect of the back-pass rule is twofold; the goalkeeper is the last man standing and at the same time, the first to initiate the build-up of an attack. His task makes high demands of equipment, coaching methods and medical care, but none of this has been given the attention it deserves.” About 500 participants across the globe are expected to attend.
The maiden edition of congress was held in Nuremberg, Germany in April 2008.

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