14 February 2009

Derby della Madonnina

Franco BaresiDerby is the game of love. It must feel strange when people from the same place are splitted due to their fanaticism. But it does happen in every derby match. European football has been common with such color. There are many derbies available from South to North and East to West. From the coast of the Aegean Sea to the Iberian Peninsula, to Scandinavian regions, to the wildly frozen Moskva. The game is about emotions that attracts spectacles to witness every move they make. One of the most notable derbies take place in Milan, between Azocionale Calcio Milan (Milan) and Internazionale Milan Football Club (Inter). Football lovers also know it as “Derby della Madonnina” (the name refers to the alias for the sights of virgin Mary seen on the top of Duomo).
Every derby has distinct characteristic, and so has Milano. It is always as hot as Derby della Capitale (AS Roma vs. Lazio), Turin (Torino vs. Juventus), and Genova (Genoa vs. Sampdoria). Eventhough fans live in the same region or city, some of them are relatives, but the derby is another business. The love to their respective club is undisputed and indispensable. This spirit affects the players. Even in minor competitions, a derby can be more important than major tournaments. Milan Derby has marked 264 eligible matches. The duels have been very tight with Milan eleven wins ahead Inter (106 against 91). Milan also beats Inter in goal scoring (429 against 396). However, of the total duels, the Serie A official matches prove that Inter is better than Milan with 61 against 58 wins and 247 against 234 goals. Therefore, nobody can predict the final result. In summary, there will not be a favorite in derby match. Both sides are equal, they are even, no matter what. Milan is superior in total records, but Inter did better in Serie A all time.
Rui Costa and MaterazziGiuseppe Baresi
Giuseppe BaresiFranco Baresi
Milan Derby is special with crossover of some players. Both teams have “exchanged” either directly or indirectly. In the closely coming edition, February 15th, at least five players involved in the derby have experienced such phenomenon: Andrea Pirlo (Inter to Milan), Giuseppe Favalli (Inter to Milan) Clarence Seedorf (Inter to Milan), Hernan Crespo (Milan to Inter), and Patrick Vieira (Milan to Inter). In the past, some great names also experienced the same, such as Roberto Baggio, Giovanni Trappattoni, Giuseppe Meazza, Edgar Davids, Christian Vieri, Lorenzo Buffon, Fabio Cudicini, Maurizio Ganz, Ronaldo, and Christian Brocchi.
To me, as a Milanista, of course I want Milan to win every derby. It is an honor for the squads and proves that Rossoneri are better than Nerazzurri. Nevertheless, there will neither be any hatred should Milan loses, nor dislike. I’d like to see it a different derby from elsewhere. Derby della Madonnina is a neighborhood clash in the middle of love and caress. It is like a meeting between brothers that is colorful and joyful. It fulfills every anxiety that longs for a high quality game in top level football. Notwithstanding a long and bitter rivalry provoked among the fans, deep inside my heart tells that it is better Internazionale to be on top of the world than other clubs, should Milan fails to reach it. In essence, our beloved city’s hegemony must be survived and protected.
Forza Milan !
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