31 October 2008

On Indonesian Media

Indonesia is a nation that has experienced many turmoils since it has been proclaimed as an independent country in 1945. The year of 1998 was a turning point of the wind of change (I am unsure whether it was breeze or storm winds). After having been "paralyzed" for somewhat three decades due to the "iron fist" of the New Order Government, Indonesian media found grips to get freedom in press. Many unsoved mysteries revealed since then. Those previously prohibited to be published, such as army violence, corruption, and monopoly of particular parties on others in social, political, and economic aspects. Years pass and now is the first decade of the new wave of nation. The existence of mass media as an agent of change truly plays an important role. The media develop as a vast growing industry. The needs for information have driven the media to produce news in vary segments in order to fulfill demands from the audience. People's expectation was finally answered. However, some new problems come as the media gain more freedom. Initially, they would like to deliver actual information, but the impact is unexpectable. Looking to the development of the national press in Indonesia it seems that they had rather pursue benefits than give good news to their audience. The information provided sometimes looks too overwhelming. For instance, the media produce much violence and controversies. You ccan take a look at television news, in which most information are dominated by violence-related cases, such as, riots, unrest, crime, murder, distress, accident, protest, and the like. There has not been equality between bad news and good news. It is true that the media bring to the audience illustrate reality happening around us. Yet, they become more and more skeptical with the strength of the nation in efforts of reshaping the situation after hard times. As an agent of change, Indonesian media give more hesitation than motivation. News brought to the audience only make them anxious.

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