WAR. In many instances, the history of a people is the history of its wars. I have defined war fairly broadly, to mean an overt, armed conflict carried on between nations or states (international war) or between parties, factions, or people in the same state (civil war). There are multifarious reasons for war.

George Childs Kohn | Dictionary of Wars (2006)

22 April 2014

76th Blue Stars/FIFA Youth Cup, Zurich 2014 Fixtures

Group A:


Benfica x FC Blue Stars
FC Zurich x Villareal
Asante Kotoko x Benfica
Villareal x FC Blue Stars
FC Zurich x Asante Kotoko
Benfica x Villareal


FC Blue Stars x FC Zurich
Asante Kotoko x Villareal
Benfica x FC Zurich
FC Blue Stars x Asante Kotoko

Group B:


Atletico Paranaense x Grasshopper Club
FC Sion x Olympiakos Piraeus
FC Bayern Munich x Atletico Paranaense
Olympiakos Piraeus x Grasshopper Club
FC Sion x FC Bayern Munich
Atletico Paranaense x Olympiakos


FC Bayern Munich x Olympiakos Piraeus
Grasshopper Club x FC Sion
Atletico Paranaense x FC Sion
Grasshopper Club x FC Bayern Munich